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What’s a Compensation ?!

Welcome to the challenging new journey to make this planet more sustainable. Whether you think we don’t need sustainability or not, it does not matter – because this site is for you – promised!

This bold idea combines:

  • appreciation certificates for your social activities,
  • project funding and crypto earnings
  • projects & services for a healthier planet & environment

It is for you, for your personal wellbeing, for your children and grandchildren.

While compensating your actions or non-actions, our projects bring benefits to water, land, air, field and society, and so to you. And all is stored for eternity on Solana’s blockchain – while you do good by your actions or donation or investment you earn crypto assets and document all your achievements you like. If you like you can even participate physically with like minded people in projects of interest or just invest and look remotely to what’s happening with your stake. So its for lazy bones or people full of action who like activism in nature with their like-minded network.

Whether you think you need it – or not – anyhow, we deliver a more sustainable future on behalf of you and give back to you ‼️


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