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How will it work?

Our setup includes a mobile APP and a Network Site. In the first step you have to register your Web 3 account. Every Account can be separated into multiple vaults, so that you can show (in case you need it) only specific earned “badges”. These separation-vaults can be adjusted flexible for different purposes, like educational badges, or for government visits, job applications, widgets in different social media presence…or hide it all for your total privacy. Nothing is public, if you are not sharing them – we will not use it for other purpose. You have full control over your badges.

example of salesforce badges

Here you see e.g. an example of trailhead badges from It is not able to control them individually. But think about if you have in future badges of various companies, in various dimensions, ….green projects, blue projects, social services, different courses you take, achievements, training badges, certificates ….all collected in one wallet. This concept of collecting badges over lifetime would only work, if you have full control over it – forever. And this is what we are working on!

Opt-in into interesting Projects

Now we hope you know better where we are heading. Once registered, you can start participating in your activities to earn badges. How to start now depends on what you want. Let’s say you now want just to browse which projects are existing. You can go to the project explorer and search based on your location or other categories. Once identified, you can follow your projects and explore them further – how these projects are developing and also who was them joining aso.

Buy into Projects

Once you followed projects of interested you can join them buy buying in. Buying in does not mean automatically that you will earn back with this Projects. This depends on the setup and performance of these projects. If a project is not setup with payback option, your “buy-in” is simply a donation for this crowdfunding idea.

Interact with like minded people

Once you find a person of interested near to you, like minded by properties, you can interact with them, once they match you. You can increase the match chance by buying into this project in order to show that you too support and crowdfund this project. This enables other persons to match you too. With this mechanism a totally new type of professional social network will be created, based on common shared projects and interests of like-minded people.

Optional Earnings and playback

Projects which are amplified by the sun, wind, biomass or hydropower have a chance to spill out paybacks too. Since you have invested into these projects and have obtained badges along your type of Engagement, smart contracts in your NFT badges are activated and you are eligible to earn profit shares. Details of this processes are currently developed based on jurisdictional laws and will be available with the project explorer later. see details in our development roadmap.

First we start with free badges

In order to build the network and projects, we start without any earnings and payback possibilities. this enables definition of no profit processes first, which is most important function of the network.


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