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Vision & Values

Visions and Values are guiding principles to evaluate and chose projects, products and services we are offering on Compensation.Network. We are in a very early stage of sorting out all visions & values for the network and will develop them further according to our roadmap.

As a first orientation see following draft:


  • Compensation Network can be used easily worldwide, fast and by everybody
  • There must be an equal share of social projects/Services of with and without earning possibilities
  • Compensation Network is committed to bring benefit to nature and all its inhabitants
  • everyone should have the opportunity to record their commitment of good deeds in the Compensation.Network blockchain at any time, Independent of their governmental status


  • Projects & Services offered are chosen because they reduce all kinds of footprints and not only carbon neutrality
  • earning money by its participants is a feature, but not the driving force of compensation.Network, but social work benefiting nature and society is.
  • The idea is and the future organizational form of the Compensation.Network must remain non-profit

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