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CO2 Einkommen? Beispiele einer Kompensation

In meinem Video "Operational Model", in dem ich den Plan erkläre, gibt es zwei wichtige Seiten die ich hier aufgreifen möchte CO2 -Einkommen? Anstatt nur einen Fußabdruck zu kompensieren, indem Bäumchen gepflanzt werden, zielt das Netzwerk auf eine nachhaltige Veränderung der Gesellschaft, die als Dank auch eine Verdienstmöglichkeit bietet. So wird aus einer reinen #CO2-Abgabe,... Continue Reading →

De-Footprinting our future

The forgiveness of sin and restoration of communion with God entail the remission of the eternal punishment of sin, but the temporal punishment of sin remains. Pope Innocentis VIII, arround 1500  In Middle Ages it was possible to free oneself from sin, today the industry uses CO2 certificate trading, which enables companies to become 1T$... Continue Reading →

How will it work?

Our setup includes a mobile APP and a Network Site. In the first step you have to register your Web 3 account. Every Account can be separated into multiple vaults, so that you can show (in case you need it) only specific earned "badges". These separation-vaults can be adjusted flexible for different purposes, like educational... Continue Reading →

Crypto? How about Climate?

Compensation.Network is committed to make this planet and its habitants more sustainable. How does this idea fit into the picture of "resource wasting" Bitcoin? What the heck are you doing here? Which Blockchain consumes what? Well, hold on, let's sort this all out! Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto Tokens and NFT badges are different stories. First, Compensation.Network... Continue Reading →

How about a new Badge?

What is a badge? Badges are non fungible tokens (NFTs) attached to your User-id (web3 wallet), digitally signed by you, in order to proof ownership of obtained activity. The NFTs are attached to the blockchain forever, that's why they are called "non fungible". The Blockchain we use will be the CO2 neutral Solana or Cardano... Continue Reading →

What’s a Compensation ?!

Welcome to the challenging new journey to make this planet more sustainable. Whether you think we don't need sustainability or not, it does not matter - because this site is for you - promised! This bold idea combines: appreciation certificates for your social activities, project funding and crypto earningsprojects & services for a healthier planet... Continue Reading →

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